Dr. Claudia W. / Spine Clinic / Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis

2016 / After only a short time working with you, I am feeling my tiny muscles turned on, which had forgotten how to function.  I feel the un-spiraling of my spine is happening and when I came out of your class I felt taller and straighter.  Look forward to more work together.  2017 / 2018 / We are so grateful to have our amazing teacher Evlaleah bring together a beautiful expanding community.  She embodies the Iyengar tradition and teaches us with love and commitment how to align our bodies, minds and spirits! I fully support her and her community.

Lance / 2015 - 2018 Low Back & Hip Pain

I have been a very regular student of Evlaleah Howard's since being referred to her in December of 2016.In that short time, yoga's influence on my life has been tremendous.  A shoulder injury that I had had 8 months of physical therapy started feeling better then ever after just a few months of Evlaleah's guidance. When running in the trails behind my house gave me issues with my lower back and my left hip, I began to learn how I could counter act this with just a little bit of correct yoga poses. More importantly I was able to overcome a neck injury I had in my twenties which I believe might have otherwise caused discomfort later in life. Equally important to me are some of the social connections I have made  Just last weekend I carpooled to a meditation retreat with a woman I met in Evlaleah's class, and my wife and I are considering asking her to be a doula (a birth assistant) for the birth of our little girl this fall. I am also going to an Indian Classical music concert tonight with another of Evlaleah's students. It seems that Evlaleah has become the center of my social circle! Evlaleah's ability. One of the things that impresses me the most about Evlaleah is that when new students come to see her, they almost always become one of her regular students.  I think the reason it took me so long to become interested in yoga is that teachers of Evlaleah's experience and knowledge are truly rare.  Thank you so much for your selfless support of the beautiful work she does!

Jillian / 2017-2018 / Carpal Tunnel & Shoulder Injury / Competitive Swimmer

I have major issues with my right shoulder, elbow, and ulnar nerve.  When this area is really bad it is extremely painful such that I cannot type, play sports, or function in my daily life.  Without Evlaleah's yoga classes I would still be experiencing this terrible pain.  I found Evlaleah's classes after I moved to Marin and needed help quickly.  A few weeks of consistent yoga and persistent attention from Evlaleah made a major difference and allowed me to live my life pain-free.  Continuing yoga with Evlaleah continued to move me beyond pain and to re-shape my body to prevent the pain reoccurring.  Yoga is such an amazing, transformative experience and a constant joy in my life. Evlaleah is knowledgeable and attentive to each student's needs, pains, and abilities.  She is certainly an expert in helping her students.  It is a pleasure taking her classes and I would not be functioning well without her expertise.  I feel strongly that Evlaleah's classes are life-altering by bringing peace of mind and body-transformation. I love going to class.  

Katherine / 2016 - 2018 Adhesive Capsulitis / Shoulders & Hip Problems / Spine, Clinic, Private Consults & All Levels Classes

I came across Evlaleah’s classes by chance as I had been taking an Iyengar Yoga class in San Rafael. That teacher left the bay area and it was the only form of yoga that had helped me regain some relief. I went online and found a listing for classes with Evlaleah Howard.  After six sessions in the first spine clinic class, I had good mobility and relief and there was a need to continue in these classes, so I enrolled for a full year. After that, I was able to have freedom in my joints and was building strength and my posture improved dramatically. I am now a student in the regular classes, and for the first time in my life have been able to maintain my health, posture, and am building necessary strength in other more difficult poses. Today, I find myself in a personal daily practice of yoga that is rewarding and keeps me moving forward mentally, physically and emotionally. What was advantageous is that the classes are so specific, the teaching is so clear and that everyone walks out of class happier, relaxed and taller! These classes are suited for all levels of experience and the modifications make everything seem possible. I never thought I could do a handstand after having frozen shoulder, I never thought I could do backbends and even headstand, and now I am learning to hold these poses with greater confidence and strength. I have witnessed amazing transformations of my fellow students through yoga. These classes have also been a balm for my nervous system and immune system health.I plan on continuing my studies with her as a regular student. I attend classes three times a week.

Lakshmi 2017-2018, Spine Clinic, Private Consults, All Levels CLasses

I am a student of the Iyengar yoga from 3 years studying from Evlaleah Howard. I wanted to write to you how I came to Evlaleah.  I have been suffering from different body pains for almost 15 years. I was going to different doctors and specialists. Initially it began with back and hip joint pains. Slowly the pains spread across my shoulder, knees neck etc. I could not sit on the floor even for a minute. It was surprising because growing up in India - we always sat on the floor. I had to sit in a chair even for my regular meditation and prayers.  I could not sleep at nights because of my shoulder and back pains.  I went to different specialists. They gave me cortisone shots. This treatment was done 3 or 4 times with no positive results. Later, during one of my visits to India, I went to an orthopedic.  He said I should never walk up the stairs, stop walking etc. I had to sit down and think about it. I was not even 50. If this continues, what would happen to me if I live 80 or 90 years?  My sister heard of Iyengar yoga and suggested I should look into it. I searched on the web and found Evlaleah. That is the best thing that could have happened.  I attended her spine class. First day I was afraid to sit on the floor. But with her props I could sit. Then I signed up for one session. I got so much relief after the first session itself. Then I continued with a few more sessions. Within three months I could also attend regular beginner classes.  I could actually sit on the floor for my regular meditation and prayers. I could also walk 2 miles a day.  Ev has done something the doctors could not do in 15 years in less than 6 months.  I referred several patients to her.  She is a treasure to our community.

Annelisa / 2016-2018 All Levels Classes & Private Consults

I have been a student of Evlaleah's for almost two years. Her attention and teachings have had a truly a transformative impact on

my life. Not only have I become more aware of my body and my physical abilities, I have become more self aware, more peaceful and centered. Evlaleah has created a very sweet yoga community around herself, attracting people who are eager to learn and grow. She has a unique ability to motivate and encourage people, especially those who may feel particularly challenged. She gives her heart to everything she does and inspires her students to do the same.

Leta & Bob / 2017-2018 / Hip Issue;  Lumbar Disk & Reverse Cervical Curve + Thoracic Hump

We both, as well as many others, have found relief and cure from chronic pain from Iyengar yoga classes as taught by Ms. Howard. She teaches with decades of experience but it is her attitude of service to people in pain that has made the difference in many lives we have witnessed. 

Arlene / 2017-2018 / All Levels Classes / Neck Issues

I have been a student of Iyengar Yoga for 33 years and a student of Evlaleah Howard’s at her classes at the Fairfax Masonic Lodge for over five years.  The studio space at the Masonic Lodge is greatly appreciated by all of Evlaleah’s students.  She uses the space with respect and great inventiveness to offer continually fresh and challenging instruction to all levels of student.  Evlaleah also offers restorative yoga to students with serious physical challenges.  I have studied with quite a number of Iyengar style instructors and I’ve found Evlaleah to be one of the most informed and insightful of my teachers. 

Consider an antenna – a device for receiving and sending signals.   If you think of each human being as a tremendously sophisticated antenna, capable of perceiving and acting in the World through our human senses and consciousness, then you can see that focusing on deeply feeling, understanding and adjusting your own body, your own breath, spine and posture, extending your skull and freeing your brain, oxygenating your tendons, ligaments, joints, bones, organs and tissues, and, maybe most importantly, opening your chest and making more room for your heart – these efforts will necessarily affect your perceptions and your actions – the functioning of your antenna.  Even a small amount of regular attention to alignment results in refreshing and enlightening your experiences throughout every one of your days.  These efforts will assist you, physically, personally, at every level – your physical body, you mind, and your spirit.

Life on Earth is challenging and unbalancing.  The world we know is both beautiful and horrible.  People are capable of great ingenuity, brilliance, empathy and kindness but we often display much darker propensities.  People are attracted to power and are often prone to greed, fear, hubris and the use of violence.  There is much self-inflicted human misery.  For those of us lucky enough to live in relative wealth, comfort and safety, we must contend with the distorting power of consumerism and the increasingly pervasive influence of technology.  Imbalances in human behavior have now impacted our home planet’s ecosystem.  Navigating through such complexity is difficult.  It is difficult to keep one’s balance.  But more balance is what we clearly, even desperately need.

B.K.S. Iyengar’s method serves to develop this kind of deep balance.  Not just a ‘calisthenics’ type of physical exercise, this method encourages meditative attention on body-mind awareness to develop strength, balance, relaxation and self-knowledge.  Having reviewed the Masonic mission and values statement on your website, I believe Evlaleah’s teaching at your Lodge clearly matches these values and furthers this mission in that her classes do give back to the community in a way that supports ethics, tolerance and personal growth.  To really come to know one’s own body is a foundational practice for developing honesty, compassion and trust, first, directed toward the self, and then, as a direct and natural consequence, toward others.

Rachael / 2017-2018 / All Levels Classes

When I was a child my mother introduced me to yoga. She shared with my brother and me the importance of developing a union between the body and mind so that we would gain not only strong physical health, but mental health as well.  She felt that her children should be aware of their breath (to calm them); the sensations in their body (such as thirst, hunger, feeling tired) to remind them to care for their body and care for others; and to have strong bodies. Ultimately she believed that this deep awareness of self we help her children to make good decisions so that would know not harm themselves or others. With this introduction to yoga, as I became an adult I set out to find a teacher that would guide me to deeply understand and manifest these principles. This is when I found Iyengar yoga.  The Iyengar yoga teaching practice upholds and instill the values my mother wanted me to learn. Upon finding Iyengar yoga, I have travelled the world and have had the good fortune to study Iyengar yoga with Senior level teachers. Recently I relocated from Beijing to Marin. When I moved I quickly set out to find an Iyengar teacher here. To my luck I found Evlaleah Howard. She is truly one of the most extraordinary teachers that I have ever studied with. As a teacher she embodies kindness, wisdom, knowledge, a notion of community and reminds us always to be gentle and forgiving to ourselves (which ultimately impacts how we treat others).  When I’m out of town and miss a class, I feel sad! Through Evlaleah’s classes I have met several other students, that travel from all over the Bay Area to learn from her. All of the students feel that she is a profoundly gifted teacher and after each class we share with each other what we have learned from her. I truly hope that Evlaleah is able to expand her teaching practice at the Masonic Temple at Ross as I am certain this would be not only a thriving business, but bring together a community of people seeking to find peace through the body and mind so that they can be better citizens in our society.   I have been a student of Evlaleah's for sometime now and I want to let you know just what she and her extraordinary skills have meant to me.

Justyna 2007 - 2017 All Levels Classes / Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis

I have been studying with Evlaleah for the past 10 years. She is, honestly, the best yoga teacher I have found. Having scoliosis, I had tried many classes and teachers, trying to get some sense, some feeling, of real direction toward getting at least a little straighter, a little taller, a little more comfortable. This woman took me there, and beyond! Evlaleah is devoted to the Iyengar tradition, and her incredible knowledge of yoga, orthopedic issues and human anatomy makes her exceptional. Able to tailor her classes to the needs of students present at the time, she creates an ever changing program. Her true intuition for how to help people is unmatched, in my experience. I have been diagnosed with scoliosis (an abnormal curvature of the spine) in my teens and at some point faced a spinal surgery to correct it. I opted out at that time, not wanting an immobile spine and a metal rod in my back, and years later started yoga. It was under the care of Evlaleah that my spine health improved dramatically, the curve straightened quite a bit, which is beneficial to me everyday. Those who have known me for a while were able to see the transformation as well. The poses she prescribed had kept me out of pain and away from surgery, made me aware of the importance of practice under a watchful eye of a gifted teacher. Over the years I introduced friends and family members to yoga with Evlaleah, wanting to share my personal transformation and to encourage them to seek relief and better health through yoga. Evlaleah is a treasure to the community.

Karen / 2016 - 2018 / Autoimmune Disease / Spine Clinics & All Levels Classes

Evlaleah Howard is an amazing therapeutic healer and we are so lucky and fortunate to have her here locally, healing and teaching in your facility. Iyengar himself selected her to teach and heal using the teachings of Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga, there are many Iyangar Yoga instructors but only a handful of Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga instructors in this country. Two years ago I was medically diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome, according to western medicine an untreatable disease except by the use of steroids to mask the pain. This being an autoimmune disease it is commonly linked to rheumatoid arthritis, of which ails my older brother. I was on that path as I could not move my hip normally and was unable to stand up straight, for at least five minutes, after sitting. I took a stand against masking the pain and realized that healing came from within, this lead me to Evlaleah’s class and within six months I began to heal and move more correctly with my hip. My hip, I would consider to have normal flexibility now, I stand up easily after sitting and I am no longer dragging my right foot. Although my Sjogrens Syndrome is still challenging sometimes (only two days a week as opposed to before when it was seven days a week) I am definitely on the path to be completely healed. I only wish she had more classes I could attend in the evenings as then my healing could move along faster. There are so many people Evlaleah has helped and cured with Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga. I am a true testimony that she is able to heal Systemic Autoimmune diseases through Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga. It is a journey of self-knowledge leading me to the innermost part of myself and my soul, Iyengar Yoga teaches me this. Evlaleah teaches me these principles and movements to heal my soul and my body.

Seela / 2017-2018 / Idiopathic Adult Scoliosis / Worsened by Hip Replacement & Arthritis;  Spine Clinics & Private Consults

I am 74 and have advanced scoliosis which had been getting progressively worse. I had been to many doctors and practitioners of all kinds for help, but to no avail. Then I found Evlaleah. The Iyengar Yoga that she teaches, her level of skill and the work she has done with me is helping me immensely.  I am so encouraged. And I have met so many of her students with similar stories. That there is a master teacher like her (rare in itself) in Marin County, who is centrally located, is good luck for all of us beyond words.

So I wanted to let you know what she means to the community. We are all very grateful.

Sister Elizabeth / 2017-2018 / Flattened Cervical & Lumbar Disk Issues

I'm writing this letter to express my deep gratitude for the Iyengar Yoga of Marin led by Evlaleah Howard. I came to the Institute about four years ago with acute back pain. I had ruptured my disk in 2007. I tried chiropractic care, acupuncture, and physical therapy and found some relief. However, my ability to function as a Program Director of the Anubhuti Retreat Center in Novato, was very limited. I could not sit for more than an hour in front of the computer. I have a high threshold for pain but I would walk hunched over and limped when I walked. My whole body was out of alignment. I could not find anyone to help me strengthen my back and get me out of pain. When I first came to Evlaleah I was not able to lift a single yoga prop, not even a wooden brick. I began classes twice a week and after a few months I had noticeable improvement. I could lift 5 pounds weight and sit in my office chair for three hours. Now after four years of coming regularly to the Institute my posture and my body strength are better than before my injury. I recently saw a photo of myself before the injury and I could see the difference. My health, strength, and ability to perform are better than compared to 10 years ago. Evlaleah Howard is an amazingly talented and gifted Iyengar yoga instructor and trainer. She makes you work hard. I would not be able to do it on my own, from manual, or YouTube video. She teaches each individual at their own capacity. She is more than just a yoga instructor. She even gives lessons on occupational hazard, anatomy, and teaches you how to stand on your own 2 feet. She encourages each student to have their own daily practice. I would like to see her services expand so that she can help more people improve their lives and teach more instructors to be like herself. More people deserve to know about this amazing Yoga practice.

Lance/ 2017-2018 / All Levels Classes

I have been a very regular student of Evlaleah Howard's since being referred to her in December of 2016. In that short time, yoga's influence on my life has been tremendous.  A shoulder injury that I had had 8 months of physical therapy started feeling better then ever after just a few months of Evlaleah's guidance. When running in the trails behind my house gave me issues with my lower back and my left hip, I began to learn how I could counter act this with just a little bit of correct yoga poses. More importantly I was able to overcome a neck injury I had in my twenties which I believe might have otherwise caused discomfort later in life. Equally important to me are some of the social connections I have made  Just last weekend I carpooled to a meditation retreat with a woman I met in Evlaleah's class, and my wife and I are considering asking her to be a doula (a birth assistant) for the birth of our little girl this fall. I am also going to an Indian Classical music concert tonight with another of Evlaleah's students. It seems that Evlaleah has become the center of my social circle! Evlaleah's ability. One of the things that impresses me the most about Evlaleah is that when new students come to see her, they almost always become one of her regular students.  I think the reason it took me so long to become interested in yoga is that teachers of Evlaleah's experience and knowledge are truly rare. Thank you so much for your selfless support of the beautiful work she does!

Jenni / 2017-2018 / Frozen Shoulder

I am writing to you in support of your consideration of Evlaleah Howard's continued and expanded presence at the Larkspur Masonic lodge where she has taught yoga to the community for a number of years now. I first found my teacher Evlaleah 'Ev' at the Larkspur Masonic center in January 2014. It has been a life changing and enriching experience these past 3.5 years!  When I first found Ev, I had not studied yoga for a number of years. I had been a dedicated daily runner for years. It was the only way I made it through years of a sedentary and stressful job that had me sitting at a desk, keyboarding under a nearly constant time crunch for more than two decades. However, there was a point at which the running was no longer giving me the physical and emotional relief from stress that I sought.

In 2009, I suffered two broken fingers in a sudden hard fall, and subsequent closed reduction surgery to correct the fractures in two fingers in my left, dominant hand. Soon after, I experienced sudden onset of what is known as frozen shoulder syndrome, an extremely painful shoulder capsule restriction that quite suddenly and wothout warning makes basic movements painful and impossible. Frozen shoulder syndrome nearly completely incapacitated me although out of necessity, I continued somehow to report daily to my sedentary and stressful full-time job that involved at least eight solid hours daily of deadline driven, sedentary keyboarding. As my frozen shoulder in my right shoulder started to resolve, as rapidly the same pain and restriction had suddenly moved to my left shoulder too with all same scary restriction.

My general practitioner recommended physical therapy that was utterly useless to me. I was told there was nothing more I could do other than steroid injections and, if it did not resolve, surgery, which As I was told, consists basically of a surgeon forcefully rotating the shoulder while the patient is under general anesthesia. This seemed violent at best while at the same time it offered no guarantee of any success. I did what I could to seek out a good massage therapist. Slowly over the course of at least a year, the pain and much of the restriction subsided. However, my shoulders were both still far from fully functional after two years. I was just learning to live with the restriction over time.

Later, while I was on a brief trip to Portland, Oregon to settle my youngest daughter in her new home there, in the beginning of 2014, I took a restorative yoga class. I decided right then that I must set the intention for myself to find a really good Iyengar teacher back home in Marin. I had experienced Iyengar yoga years earlier, but because of the demands of my employment, I was never able to find time for regular practice. Instead, I had to rely on jogging or running daily, from 6 to 7 am which was the only time I was free, in an attempt to maintain my physical health necessary for the relief from daily stress. I had managed to maintain that discipline for over 20 years, but I was missing my upper body strength and flexibility. Back home, I found Evlaleah online and called her.  She returned my call promptly and encouraged me to come see her as soon as possible. I did, and the rest as they say, is history...a wonderful, life-changing history that set me on a path toward renewed health.

When I started classes with Ev, I had very little mobility in my shoulders, and still was experiencing pain with very restricted movement. I never thought I could get better. I was also quite stiff from years of sitting for long periods and from running but not stretching my body. It had been a couple of years since the worst, most painful period of the frozen shoulder syndrome had resolved, but my upper body strength was weak and my shoulder mobility was impaired. Years of sitting daily at a desk, keyboarding, typically for eight to ten hours daily in a very stressful work environment, had made me older than my years!

After my first class with Ev, already I felt so much better that I never wanted to stop. The freedom, strength and confidence were completely life changing for me almost immediately! I never thought I would have the courage and strength to do what Evlaleah masterfully guided me through to learn, surprising me more than anyone! Today, I am confident and strong and able to perform important, transformative core Iyengar asanas like headstand, backbend, shoulder stand and handstand, all positions that I found it difficult to believe I could ever master 3.5 years ago! 

In addition to building physical strength and resilience, the emotional benefits of Iyengar yoga practice have been equally astounding to me! It all begins with relaxing and rejuvenating the nervous system. This happens naturally as we learn the asanas, and the breathing and awareness that comes with precise movement and attention to our bodies in space. The careful attention to correct natural movement and breathing induces a meditative state this awareness that is completely transformative. I can only describe it as a profoundly joyous, beautiful, life enhancing and altering experience!

Ev accepted and encouraged me from the beginning. She expertly taught me to understand the mechanics of my body in exquisite detail. It was a completely empowering experience. Evlaleah is an incredibly talented and caring teacher whose gift is founded in a deep desire to help her students to feel better, to feel strong and powerful and to realize their fullest physical potential or freedom! With that comes deep respect, not only for the wonders of our human bodies, but equally respect and importantly, kindness towards ourselves. When we find that kindness or compassion for ourselves through the practice of Iyengar yoga, we naturally feel compassion for others. I feel part of a loving community in Ev's class.  It has been difficult for me to experience that in any other forum given the incredibly burdensome demands of daily life and economic pressures of living at this time in the Bay Area.

I know that many others would benefit from, and many have already benefitted from Iyengar yoga with my master senior teacher Evlaleah. I know that many others could still benefit, and I truly hope that Ev's dream of helping more people and thereby fulfilling her sense of duty, service and gratitude to BKS Iyengar, will come true. I wish everyone could experience Iyengar yoga with my teacher Ev. I feel sure it would only help our local and extended community with the challenges facing all of us!

Jennifer / 2017-2018

There are many yoga teachers; and there are specifically trained Iyengar yoga teachers; but then there are unique Iyengar teachers like Evlaleah Howard who have the experience, knowledge anddedication to truly help individuals to be aware and to heal. As one builds a temple with bricks, she builds the temple of the body through yoga — one pose, one class, one epiphany at a time. Evlaleah continually amazes me at how adept she is at identifying where individuals' bodies are misaligned, stressed, in pain and/or are in need of basic attention. In my experience, other instructors guide their classes through the classic poses, but give minimal individual correction. In contrast, Evlaleah takes a real interest in each of her student's needs, abilities and progress —it's not always easy — sometimes it's tough love with a hug. As a grandmother, I feel these yoga classes are essential to growing older gracefully. I typically leave a class with both a feeling of physical wellbeing and inner calm. The more I can beproductive and healthy, the greater capacity I have to experience, learn and enjoy life — to be a more positive force within and without for myself, my family and the community at large. I am thankful to have found Evlaleah as a teacher and am thankful to all the grace in this world that has brought her unique teaching of Iyengar Yoga to the Bay Area.

Esther / 2017-2018 / Vehicular Neck Whiplash / Private Consults & All Levels Classes

Evlaleah Howard is a true gem and a rare find among yoga teachers.  I consider myself extremely lucky to be under her guidance.  Not only is she a gifted yoga practitioner and an extraordinary teacher, but her compassion and sense of community help to create a gentle and supportive environment for healing to take place.  I trust her implicitly, and my direct experience has consistently validated my absolute faith in her competence.

When I found Evlaleah two years ago, my mornings were painful.  I would wake up each day standing crooked with pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders.  On some days, after a couple of hours of moving around, at last I could stand up straight with minimal pain.  On other days, the pain would persist and no amount of exercise, rest, or even Advil could make it go away.

After coming to class for several months, I suffered a neck injury that prompted me to see Evlaleah for a handful of 1-on-1 sessions.  Within the course of just a few sessions, Evlaleah had figured out the root cause of my symptoms and provided prescriptive and differential exercises and stretches, all of them rooted in traditional Iyengar Yoga, to address my specific issues.  Within a week, entrenched problems began to loosen and within a month my pain had subsided.  Even though there are permanent problems that can be seen on my X-rays, they no longer create difficult symptoms.

After years of finding only temporary relief through chiropractic, acupuncture and other modalities, Evlaleah has provided me with a solution that is effective, reliable, and free of any negative side effects.  In fact, there have been numerous additional and unexpected benefits, such as a lower stress level, less anxiety, and better focus.  And best of all, if I keep up with a regular yoga regimen and attend class, I am nearly pain-free.  As long as I remain committed, attend class and continue moderate practice on my own, I believe Iyengar Yoga will be a permanent solution.  It would be hard to overstate my gratitude.

Dr Judy / 1991-2018 / Adhesive Capsulitis (“frozen shoulder’) / All Levels Classes & Private Consults

I want to share with you how Evlaleah Howard has transformed my life more than once.  I was her student first in 1991 when she had her yoga practice in a beautiful hall in San Francisco.  I had studied Iyengar Yoga intensely in India just prior to coming to San Francisco and had the divine fortune of finding this senior Iyengar teacher.  She furthered my practice.  I then had a long hiatus because I had to go to medical school out of the area and then medical residency.  Several years ago, I suffered adhesive capsulitis (“frozen shoulder’) and despite all western, chiropractic and acupuncture therapies, I was still stuck in pain and limited mobility.  Then I remembered Evlaleah could help me.  I had to work one on one with her because I was not able to even participate in her spine clinic.  I was that debilitated.  With her evaluation, expertise and prescription, I regained full function, no longer in pain.  Able to engage more fully in life. I have seen in classes how many others have been “saved” by her healing instructions. I travel from Oakland to Marin because I trust and benefit from HER teaching.  Always learning. I hope she continues to help many more people.  I would refer all my patients if I could but my work practice is in Vallejo, a bit far for most.  She is a true healer, generous in her teaching and gifted in helping us be physically, mentally and spiritually better human beings.

Cindy and Rhodas / Saturday Spine Clinic / @017

We LOVED your class!!! Rod and I got so much relief and YES we are feeling soooo much better.  You are gifted and talented!!! We so appreciate all the hard work you went through to obtain so much knowledge through your own personal extensive self healing and transformation and now we feel so blessed that you are able to share that with us and make a difference in our lives.  We so wish you lived closer!!!  We gladly do the hour plus drive to see you because there is NO ONE that remotely comes close to you.

Molly M

I feel better about my back in general and have been more thoughtful about bending backward since last spine clinic so I feel like I'm remembering some things even though I may not be a master at the poses.  I feel calmer now as I feel I am doing something to combat the injury that is concrete whereas before I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing and whether or not I needed to push for an MRI.  I am encouraged.

Dan H. / Yoga for Low Pain Injury

...I would like to let you know that you were a positive influence on me.  Your spine clinic ... was my first Iyengar-based class, and my first class with a real yoga instructor.... I would like you to know, whether you remember me or not, that I think of you every time I practice. You are one of the most inspiring and beautiful people I have met in my life, and I feel grateful to have been in your presence.  

Devi S / Private Consults/Spine Clinics/Public Classes

“Evlaleah is more than a Yoga teacher.  Evlaleah is a healer.  Evlaleah saved my life through her private sessions, the spinal clinic and her public classes.  I'm happy to be a part of this meetup! “

Julie W.  / Therapeutic Yoga Consultation Program for Hip Replacement and Spine Clinics

...I feel energetic, stronger...mind is in a different place...feel differently.  No matter how hard I work now I know there is a reward behind it. More peace around me now..... door is opening in my heart.  Now there is kindness in there.  Finding a bigger person in myself now.  Now my anger is dissipating.  Pain is disappearing.  No longer afraid of pain.  Mind is saying hello to body.  This is what I always wanted in practice.

yelp / Louis T./San Rafael/Parkinson Class / Parkinson Clinic

I was very fortunate to find Evlaleah Howard. She is the best qualified yoga teacher and came highly recommended after intense research.  Personally trained by B.K.S. Iyengar in India she is qualified to teach all levels of Yoga.  Evlaleah is dedicated to her students and teaches in a kind way at the same time she insists that the poses are done correctly so maximium benefits are derived.  Her restorative backcare and new Parkinson's clinics sessions are tremendous... Parkinson's student I have seen amazing progress.  Her students are very dedicated to her and you will not find a better yoga teacher.

Doctor Sylvia M. / Private Consultation for Parkinson Class

What you do and how you do it is priceless and I'm am very grateful.  You have the most amazing teaching skills, better than anyone I've ever known.  Thank you.  I  am reading the book you gave me trying to learn what I can and hoping you will be kind enough to explain some things to me.  Again, many thanks for all your knowledge and kindness.


Nick B / neck, shoulder, thoracic, hip and low back injuries

Few things in life are as debilitating as chronic pain.  After a cycling accident, I struggled, and wished my health care would help.  Tired of feeling drugged and helpless, I was recommended to Evlaleah Howard and her Yoga Medica...yoga was not something I had ever done.  Through private spine care I found relief and considerable improvement.  The gentle ... traction of the poses gave therapeutic calm.  Very impressive was Evlaleah's ability to understand the physical anatomy and to analyze what doctors often miss.  Each session offered a consultation and the benefit of new improvements.  The detailed instruction and pictures helped reinforce my practice, even at home.  From there her attention and encouragement made the struggle with spine injury give way to health.  Standing straight on my two feet never felt so good.

non yelp review Kathy /teen scoliosis

2011-2012 /Idiopathic Boy-teen scoliosis/private consults

Evlaleah is a gifted teacher. Her incredible insight into physiology, anatomy, and physics translates into highly purposeful sessions targeting specific areas as well as the whole spine/body at once. Working with kids takes a specialized personality of patience and optimism.  Evlaleah has both.  My husband and I are very pleased with my son’s progress and look forward to her scoliosis clinics for teens addressing a much needed area for kids.

2011-2012 /Idiopathic Boy-teen scoliosis/private consults

Evlaleah has been working with my 13 year old son since April, 2011.  He was diagnosed with Scoliosis in January... in 5 months my son is already holding his body more erect, his posture improved and we are beginning to see signs of his spine “untwisting”.  Evlaleah’s professional demeanor and completely engaged sessions have given my son more confidence in not only addressing his curve now but also what to do for his back as an adult.  Orthopedic doctors have told me that 75% of all people have back problems whether or not they have scoliosis.  Learning to take care of your back at a young age is a gift.

Linda D. / teen scoliosis//private consults

Evlaleah has taught my teenage daughter therapeutic yoga to address her scoliosis. Her knowledge of the human body, it's function and anatomy is impressive.  What I found even more impressive was her awareness of compensations that my daughter made due to her scoliosis and addressed each and every one.  I have not found another practitioner who was as knowledgeable and could address complications due to the scoliosis.  I hope that Evlaleah will be able to offer teenage scoliosis clinics because you will not find a safer environment for a child with medical issues to learn how to address their specific areas of need.

Renee -Petaluma  Posted on Yelp August 2011/back issues

It is with great appreciation that I write about Evlaleah Howard and her compassion, depth of knowledge, wisdom, and healing.  When searching for a Yoga teacher, little did I know I would find an angel to help me with the issues I ace in my joints and muscles.  Her expertise in medical yoga is beyond exception!  It is one thing to learn a pose, it is another to learn how and why each pose is chosen and the benefit to the body.  Her encouragement breeds confidence and success.  I have a total hip replacement and bulged disks in my spine as well as spinal stenosis along with other issues and with Evlaleah's encouragement, understanding and keen sense, I have made wonderful progress.  I encourage anyone who is in pain to meet Evlaleah as I am sure she will help you as she has helped me!  Thanks you Evlaleah for all you do.

Keiko O.

I'd taken various kind of Yoga in Bay area, and I can say Evlaleah is definitely the BEST teacher I've ever had!  She is one of the few senior teachers out there who has been practicing and teaching Iyengar yoga for 40 years!  Her way of teaching is so different than any teachers I had in past.  Her expertise in medical yoga helps us to understand how our body works and how we do our poses right to get the maximum effects in each forms.  She customizes forms to each individual based on their flexibilities and physical limitations, but she still pushes you enough to explore something new in your body/mind every time.  It's challenging but so rewarding in the end, which I really like about her teaching.  I've been taking her class for 2 years and I HIGHLY recommend everyone to experience how emotionally and physically healing, nurturing and rewarding her class is.  It will really change your life!

Rod & Cindy / Public Classes and Spine Clinics

Evlaleah is the BEST OF THE BEST.  I have gone to many places to do Yoga and there is no one out there that even begins to compare to Evlaleah.  I am so grateful that I have found her. In fact, I live in Santa Rosa, Ca and drive an hour to her class each week.  Because of her, I no longer struggle with back and shoulder pain and my body is starting to finally feel and look GREAT!!! also work in health care and I am beyond impressed with the medical knowledge - in addition to her 30 plus years experience in Yoga that  Evlaleah has.  Evlaleah practices what she preaches and it shows in her own incredible physique that most 20 year olds would kill to have. Her back/spine classes are incredible.  I kept going on and on about her to my boyfriend and he finally decided to give her a try too.  And now - my boyfriend who had injured his back many years ago is finally starting to feel better when Dr's could not help him.  Thank you Evlaleah - You’re INCREDIBLE!!!

Paul F. 2009-2017+ / Distonia and Low Back Issue / Private Consults in SF

About the benefits I have observed, the two that are very clear are that my posture is greatly improved, and my breathing has improved, to the point where people have commented that my singing voice is noticeably better.  I have also noticed improved flexibility in day-to-day life.  Your continuous encouragement has been a key factor in my progress.  Learning  poses which work to open my chest and create flexibility in the thoracic spine has given me helpful tools I can use at home to counteract the tightness caused by my dystonia.   

Keith B. / Disc Herniation / Private  Consults

There are numerous gimmicks, commercials, and books that are extremely misleading In world of back problems/solutions.  Heck, I couldn't even trust my own doctor (as well as additional opinions from neurosurgeons, and orthopedic surgeons).  I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and had a herniated disk that was hitting a nerve and causing excruciating pain down my left leg; aka sciatica. Doctors and surgeons assured me that if I didn't have surgery, the nerve damage would persist.  As I was only 28 years old at the time, I was in denial, and rightfully so.  I had heard the horror stories of back surgeries so I sought to find help through yoga. Miraculously, I got in touch with Evlaleah.  She immediately had me on a 1 month program which incorporated private classes as well as public.  To make a long story short, she healed me.  Her experience of Iyengar Yoga, coupled with her expert knowledge of anatomy guided me to a 100% healthy back and great posture.  She has helped many others with various injuries as well. Just go to class and ask the person sitting next to you! I'd also like to mention that I'm a physical person that loves and plays many sports, so my back injury was not only physical, it was also mentally debilitating.  As Evlaleah teaches in a way that is vigorous and professional, she is also witty and anecdotal. She always kept my spirits high.  Evlaleah was wonderful throughout! A true body and mind healer! Thank you Ev!

Marc L./ Posted onYelp / Public Classes

...I took one class with her there right before the Corporate TakeOver (!!!) and followed her - now at the Masonic Hall...

Evlaleah is one of the most intuitive, gentle, KNOWLEDGEABLE souls I have come across in many years (since the old Primal Therapy days in Marin) !  Her classes are extremely reasonable (..... for drop-in, but that would only be once), long (90 minutes, sometimes longer - but it NEVER feels like a long class), and her sense of what each individual can and can't/should and shouldn't do is uncanny.  I have brought/introduced friends to a class and she reads them so fast - it's amazing !  She puts you at ease, and at the same time pushes you beyond the limits you thought you had... without you knowing it ... exactly.  When I started, my knees were very painful in sitting positions (where you put your feet near your butt on the floor).  She taught me how to do a temporary fix on that, and then, damn, 3 months later I could bend BACKWARDS in that position (hadn't been able to do that in 30 years... I'm 56).  And that's just the beginning...VERY cool woman (very high, in so many ways), and I recommend anyone reading this to take 1 or 2 classes just to see what real, healing yoga is all about !  This may sound like a commercial, and it is... an unpaid, unsolicited raving review of this woman and her knowledge.

Julie W / Private Consults / Spine Clinics

..I feel energetic . stronger...mind is in a different place...feel differently. No matter how hard I work now I know there is a reward behind it. More peace around me now..... door is opening in my heart.  Now there is kindness in there.  Finding a bigger person in myself now.  Now my anger is dissipating.  Pain is disappearing.  No longer afraid of pain.  Mind is saying hello to body.  This is what I always wanted in practice.

Daria S. 1988+ / Public Classes

Love this yoga teacher.  She is simply the best yoga teacher I have ever had and in my opinion the best in the bay area.  If you have any trouble in your body whether flexibility, foundational alignment to spinal issues run to her classes.  I have a 30 year old spinal injury and am recovering bit by bit and am astonished that this is possible.  Evlaleah is attentive and knowledgeable, she is clear in her teaching.  I have been attending Evlaleah's classes for over two years and she has helped me tremendously.  I especially enjoy that the classes are not intimidating.  There are a number of students with different abilities, both men and women and an age range from 20-70.  The other students have been welcoming and supportive, a good group of people to practice with.  If you want to achieve a youthful body this is who to study from as she was trained in India and directly by Iyengar and his family. I am not intending to sound like a commercial just giving you my best recommendation. I hope you will consider this recommendation and  that I will see you in class someday soon. I am truly in awe of your yoga  and my spine and I are so grateful to you and your teaching. 

Robert P Sausalito, CA  

Evlaleah is the best Yoga teacher I've ever encountered. She fixed my back which had bothered me for months. After a few classes, I noticed that my chronic pain was gone. I'm continuing in her class to correct my posture and get the benefits of her knowledge.

Joe B.  Herniated Discs/Sciatica and Thoracic Degeneration

Anonymous / Herniated Lumbar Disks L4-L5 & L5-S1

I developed an ache in my right knee and by March the ache turned into pain that radiated from my hip to my foot. My doctor gave me pain pills, and prednisone, none of which helped and wanted to give me an epidural but not an MRI. I refused the epidural and paid for the MRI myself. The MRI showed that I had 2 herniated discs and that all my discs from L1 through the mid thoracic showed signs of degeneration. By this time the pain was so bad, it was controlling my life with nothing to relieve the pain. In May of 06, I was introduced to Evlaleah and had my first meeting in which she told me the pain and the discs could regenerate. I signed up for her intensive for 2 hours a day, five days a week. In as little as one week, I got some relief.  I have been 99% free of pain for 6 months, Evlaleah is extremely knowledgeable in the area of therapeutic yoga and is dedicated to every student.


Maria B / Neck and Low Back / Private Consults

When I first came to work with Evlaleah, I was feeling broken and in half. A broken left ankle and my right shoulder and wrist seized up from years of work at a computer and neglect both had left me feeling almost crippled. An additional diagnosis of Lupus, with its constant and shifting joint pains, crippled my spirit too. But after my intensive with Evlaleah, and my continued practice in her classes and on my own, I regained the freedom to move my right side. More than just the physical strength and flexibility, Evlaleah's gift to me was to show me a new courage to take my yoga practice beyond my wildest dreams of what I was capable. The day I stood on my head, a pose I wouldn't attempt even when I was young and free of pain and ailments, I had a taste of the true meaning of yoga as the "subtle science of the body, mind, and soul" (B.K.S. Iyengar). That day, I also witnessed in full, Evlaleah's dedication to teaching yoga as the "human subject" that it is.

Iyengar Yoga Convention / JoAnn E / Therapeutic Education for Teachers and Intermediate Yoga

We met at the Iyengar conference in Minneapolis.  I attended your spine injury workshop and it was wonderful! ...I wanted to thank you for your time and attention.  The adjustments you gave me on the "horse" and chair in your workshop were quite helpful and I felt great for the rest of that evening.  I've found that strong adjustments, done lovingly without aggression, have long lasting effects on my body.  Your adjustments on me were just that.  They will stay in my body for years to come.  Even as I'm typing this note to you, I'm in a better posture, so that's a start!  Thanks again for your time and energy.  You are an inspiration, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.  Peace and Blessings to you and Guruji -JoAnn E.

Sierra W.

I feel that in each class I take with you I watch you lay bare your tender love for the yoga and your teacher.  This has been deeply inspirational for me, as the corporatizing of yoga whittles away the truth that lays beneath it all.


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