About Yoga Therapeutics

What led you to therapeutic yoga?

After much study and training, I took vows to dispense  yoga with

kind-heartedness and compassion to others. Then my teacher trained me in the art and science of yoga. Then he taught me yoga as a spinal / orthopedic medicine for students’ structural and soft tissue injuries. Then he taught me yoga as a systemic medicine and neuro-science that remits disease and mental perturbations. He instilled the obligation to “give back” to others what he gave me so they too would avoid bad outcomes. 

About Yoga for BackCare

What’s the history of Yoga for Back Care?

After a 2-year training, ‘72-’74 developed by B.K.S. Iyengar Guruji, I studied with him in America and India, ‘75/’76.  He initiated me into the classical tradition of yoga.

As a dancer at USF ’79, I suffered a crippling spinal injury from a fall.  MDs told me I’d never dance or do yoga ever again, have a permanent limp and pain if lucky, but likely because of the three-directional collapse of my spine I would spend my life disabled in a wheelchair, possibly paraplegic with/without spinal fusion.

I remembered my teacher helping his ‘lost cause’ patients in India and their immense gratitude for the relief he gave them. Realizing I too was a lost cause I escaped St Mary’s Hospital/San Francisco hours before surgery and called him; he took me as his patient in India.

In 6 months he healed my back via a gazillion steps. By his request I brought Yoga for Back Care to America, ’80. Doing as he instructed, MD’s named it the #1 program for backs / SF Bay Area above medical/alternative programs, which research has proven.

About Yoga for Chronic Ills

Can yoga alter genetic predisposition?

Neuroscientist, Eric Kandel, 2003 Nobel laureate in Physiology / Medicine proved humans can turn genes on or off. Via yoga practice we can tap into, reset and fine-tune autonomic function - avoid onset of or clear disease * http://almaz.com/nobel/medicine/2000c.html

Can I improve obesity and borderline diabetes?

Yoga can trump chronic inflammatory processes, turn off disease pre-dispositions. rectify preconditions and maintains strides.

Can yoga improve thyroid function?

Iyengar cured me of Graves disease / hyper-thyroidism in 1994. My goiter disappeared. My heart rate, BP, metabolism - in danger zones and eyesight diminished were normalized within four months in his care and have remained so since. Yes, yoga can resolve ill health, regulate, maintain and preserve it by natural methodical means that require only effort. Eliminating the stress that wears down health helps too!

What ailments does yoga help?

  1. Systemic

  2.    asthma diabetes BP  • heart     

  3.    vascular gynec  immune     

  4.    digestivesinus/allergy

  5.    • hyper & hypo thyroidism

  6. Orthopedic / Spinal

  7. disc herniation

  8. rupture •bulge 

  9. stenosis

  10. intervertebral disk-disease

  11. facet syndrome

  12. spondylosis

  13. spondylolisthesis

  14. ankylosing spondylitis 

  15. fibromyalgia   

  16. • nonspecific pain 

  17. arthritis

  18. functional scoliosis

  19. • idiopathic scoliosis

About Iyengar Prescriptions

If yoga is a medicine for chronic ailments, why is it not more widely touted?

2,500 years ago, Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutras, published a medical text of remedies that developed over eons. Science is made up of reproducible proofs that last the tests of time.  Yoga is such a science and medicine.

People intuitively seek to learn practical yoga methods that end pain, feel good and resolve chronic problems. IY therapists lead patients to wellness, self-reliance and living life happily.

In the 20th and this century, research boasts therapeutic Iyengar Yoga for many disorders: cardiac, pulmonary, immune, reproductive, spinal / orthopaedic and  mind/mood issues as healing, remodeling and better than allopathic or alternative medicine. Iyengar’s: Yoga, A Holistic Path to Health depicts prescriptions.

Big 3: Pharma, AMA & insurance industries and the research groups they support have perfected the lucrative science of keeping patients chasing the carrot stick of one more office visit, pill or procedure after another. Research proving what gets people well is underfunded.


About Private Consults  

How do I start a private program?

By email, phone or text, students wanting Private Consults or to participate in a Back-Be-In Class, Spine Clinic or Therapeutic Workshop provide their history of injury or ailment from onset to present time and answer in detail: ‘what events or symptoms happened before and / or during onset of pain or limitations? What diagnosed or self assessed injury, postural habit or, congenital anomaly do you have?  What symptom(s) occurred at onset and in the time since?  Exactly how have your symptoms / limitations changed overtime?  What treatments helped or hindered improvement?  What is your exposure to yoga? Level of fitness? 

How do you determine what I need?

During the first consult - a Diagnostic, I evaluate a student’s limitations, range of motion, compressive, inflammatory and stress factors, anatomic, mechanical and functional health, kinesthetic aptitude, fitness and their likely future prognosis without intervention.  I detail my observations in a written summary and recommend a plan based on the severity of a student’s issues. To understand severity relative to spinal / orthopedic issues see the pain / symptom scale at the bottom of this column.

What will I do in a private consult program?

I develop a systematic pose series that factors for a patient’s personal characteristics that is also relative to their particular injury/anomaly, with the aim to correct their [mechanical and everyday] function, postural and musculo-skeletal tonality, improve their range of motion ubiquitously, restore tissue health, relieve inflammation and quiet symptoms, develop fitness and maintain healthful changes.

Pose series involve specific use of props relative to a patient’s needs and limitations to avoid strain.  Props enable students to replicate right actions in poses that produce freedom of motion to release them from the stiffness that accompanies chronic injury.

Some poses involve strong effort; some are relaxing. Every type of class ofr consult allows for recovery from effort, as well as overall assimilation of sweeping physical changes. The shapes the body takes during a therapeutic practice normalizes tissue and joint relationships that are greatly regenerating and restoring of good health.

As students learn precisely how to do poses accurately, they [become adept] heal and liberate their bodies, restores function, establish agile-strength, increase mobility and improves postural integrity. By compounded benefit they disentangle and mend scar tissue and avoid future degeneration.

Eventually, students exceed the need for prescriptive poses and join the Spine Clinics and/or the regular classes. 

Though students usually start their consult in bad shape, the mood is never dour as the way is being paved right away to lift restrictions and feel good again.  Be prepared!  Consults are enriching, transformative, liberating, enjoyable and fun!

About Private Programs

What precautions should I put in place while doing a private program?

Yoga rehab is intensive,so reduce your obligations and take extra good care of yourself.

Ask loved ones and co-workers to take over some things: cook you scrumptious, nutritious meals, massage your feet, clean your house, run errands, take/return messages. If you can not create all of this, do the best you can.

Take lots of rest - even afternoon naps  so you can assimilate practice. Do the home practice you are given.

Keep a daily log of your observations, what you are doing and learning in consults and your questions; even if you do not re-read what you write you will better put together what you are  learning by writing it down. I will, from time to time provide photos of your prescriptive practice that you can attach to your notes.

About Fitness

Do I need to be fit or experienced?

Not at all. You’ll develop fitness during treatment at a pace that’s suitable for you.  You will be taught how to move into, hold and exit poses safely to build yourself up again.

Inevitably, you will gain dynamic strength, pliability and endurance along with statuesque posture.  You will feel great!

About RX Coverage

Will insurance cover  medical yoga?

Maybe. Ask your MD to submit an RX to your insurance Co. for reimbursement of your fees.

  About Apparel & Props

What props do I need?

2/round asana bolsters, 1-2/prana pillows, 2/Pune belts, 2/sticky mats, 3/wooden or cork blocks, 1/crate, 2/yoga chairs, 6 blankets (roll blankets can simulate bolsters).

What should I wear for yoga?

Just about anything goes, but nothing too loose and baggy, or too tight and restrictive. Street pants with zippers, buckles or belts don’t work.  Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to bend in a variety of directions that will also allow me to see your body and advise your alignment in poses.






About Yoga Medicine

How is yoga therapeutic?

The pragmatic systems comprising the eight steps of yoga were elaborated over eons. Practice of progressive pose sequences, breath regulation, meditation and observant, moral conduct is proven to polish a seeker’s mental focus, better his wellness, speech, productivity, sociability and contributions to society and his awaken human potential. 

It is well known that yoga provides countless benefits that maintain health. Anyone, now as then, need only to lay his footprints on the 8 fold path of yoga to make headway: 1. yamas, self-care, 2. niyamas, universal values, 3. asanas, physical prowess, 4. pranayama, breath science, 5. pratyahara, sense withdrawal, 6. dharyana, concentration, 7. dhyana, meditation, tier to peace and 8. samadhi, enlightenment. 

Yoga medicine arose from experimental proofs.  In the Carakapratisamskrtah, a medical text, now lost, Patanjali expounded prescriptive practices for chronic ailments.  Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar of Pune, India regenerated and elaborated the lost art and science of yoga medicine, his body the lab.  His methods are the base and constant touchstone for modern science.

Iyengar Yoga Methodology

Does Iyengar Yoga differ from other methods?

By way of empirical observation, tremendous physical effort, bounteous colating and passing and evolvement of information, ancient yogins over eons generated the hypothetical proofs that came to specify the eight facets of study and practice as well as a body of empirical evidence that became a science and medicine for ailments. It is the first, the most enduring and the most constantly alive and evolving human potential movement. It offers means to achieve better outcomes for ourselves.

The rules of conduct inherent in yoga underpin many world belief systems. Applying its rules to everyday situations keeps life tidy and lays stepping stones for rewarding achievements. 

Iyengar gave away the secrets of yoga to balance differences amongst people in the world not shared previously, except in inner circles, for eons.  His approach was egalitarian, universal and timeless.  His methods will continue to enrich successive future generations and advance society.

Before him, no group classes existed. All teaching today, even those with short trainings or quicky certificates present the pose sequences he taught, developed trained teachers to disseminate.

In his lifetime, Iyengar clarified and enlarged the means by which teachers may constructively guide others safely in asanas, breath regulation and meditation, and by which, they can provide students’ yoga precautions, helpful adjustments, and, according to their level of ability and experience, dispense yoga as a natural medicine so students may derive benefit and enjoyment. He opened the gates of yoga to all.

How do Iyengar Yoga Teachers differ from other yoga teachers.

Primarily differences lie in standards for instruction of trainees’ - the duration, variety and quality of course study, hands on training and assessment of demonstrable capability. Trainees must study many relevant subjects and prepare to qualify for candidacy and assessment. Iyengar Yoga teacher-education is a continuously, rigorous learning path that builds physical, mental, emotional and moral strength without shortcuts. Unlike corporate simile’s that aim to pack classes, and are disassociated from evolved knowledge, certification in Iyengar Yoga is an enrichment process that is fluid and transforming.

Certification is granted by advanced certificate teachers who are members of governing boards. The syllabuses and the mandates for study were created and evolved by Mr Iyengar. There is no other comparable yoga teacher education.

Generally, becoming a well-trained, certified and licensed Iyengar Yoga teacher involves continuity and advancement of asana and pranayama practice and mastery pertinent to one’s level, accounting for one’s issues, as is necessary, theoretical study, mentoring by an advanced teacher and hands-on learning as an intern in a teacher’s classes.             

About B.K.S. Iyengar

Iyengar was living proof of yoga’s promise.

One of a 100 ‘most influential people of the 20th Century’ - in the ‘hero/icon class’ (Times Mag, 2003) for his egalitarian contributions to humankind: resplendent mastery of practice and outward expression of the 8 branches of yoga, Iyengar offered inspiration by example so others could better themselves, 16 (+) books on practice and philosophy, invention of countless props/equipment and means to foster ease in yoga for those with limitations, diverse and fluent methods that are adaptive to individual characteristics and need, introduction of yoga to the world as an evidence-based science, systematic development of prescriptive pose series proven to intercede upon common chronic and acute ills, injuries and mind-mood disorders as a natural medicine, trained teachers to disseminate knowledge and guidance globally, higher education and progressive training for teachers, postural restraints for seated practices: breath science and meditation, he bettered lives worldwide.

Symptom Severity Scale
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